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PowerShell is the most useful and necessary tool in the Windows environment in the XXI st century.

It allows to automate any task, related to the operating system, networks, in many products, virtual machines... or even other non-Microsoft systems and environments.

In fact, it leverages the basic idea in IT :  computers must work for humans, and not the other way round. 

PowerShell includes :



PowerShell provides a solution to the most common issue : Every time, we must manage more complex environments, with less resources.

Automation is the solution. And it's also a competitive advantage : an employee who knows how to script tasks is much more valuable than the one who only knows how to click. (And these are Gartner's opinions).

 PowerShell make us valuable, profitable. The cost reductions provided by automation allow to perform more tasks, in more environments, using less resources, in less time... and in a much more reliable way.

 And Microsoft has perceived this, and has decided to change the way we manage these environments. The graphical environment is no longer enough. Now all products must be managed with PowerShell (and if a GUI is needed, maybe it will be built in top of it... or not).


 We can install PowerShell since Windows XP. It is included by default in all recent Windows versions. It is available since 2006. It's free.

 However, it is not widely known or used yet.

 Many administrators are not aware of this change. They just use the (highly inefficient) graphical interface they learnt. Users hurry up to grab the mouse without thinking when they have to execute some task. However, with minimal training, the administrator or user can begin to use PowerShell quickly, and get immediate results efficiently.

The advantages are evident :

1. Automation is profitable

2. You've got to learn PowerShell, as Microsoft and Gartner have dedided this is the way to follow.

3. It comes for free. It is not a product you must buy, it is included within the Windows license.

4. It's not only used in the Windows environment. Other manufacturers (VMWare, IBM, Intel, Citrix, Lego...) decided to use it. Everything you learn on the product will be valid in all those environments too.

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     Following these ideas, I'm offering a roadmap on PowerShell training, and other services, targeted to companies, and with some distinctive features :


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