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Automation Training : Windows PowerShell

Workshops, lectures, talks or face-to-face courses.

Standard or made-to-measure courses, with a modular approach depending on the customer's needs. Highly practical, and always related to real life problems.

Standard courses, or made to measure, with a modular approach. Highly practical, and always related to real life problems.

Several levels, introductory, intermediate or advanced. Covering all versions from PowerShell v1 to the newest v5.

Available titles (Currently. More under preparation ) :



Introduction to Windows Automation (PowerShell)
Exhaustive PowerShell - Concept Consolidation and common tasks
Advanced PowerShell
Expert PowerShell (Deep Dive)
PowerShell for Active Directory
+ DSC PowerShell and DSC
+ IMP PowerShell Improvement : Best practices. Avoiding bad habits

PowerShell training gets an immediate Return on Investment : Students become much more productive, from the first day. They begin to work in a much more effective way, less error-prone, lower costs, and providing more time for creative tasks.

Much more detailed info on

You can find there info about "The Need of PowerShell", its advantages for business environments, Gartner recommendations, and the available training options with more detail.



Training : Performance Analysis : 'Faster'

Intensive training on the basic Windows architecture, and Performance Monitoring of the key counters. 

Following a scientific approach, based on hypothesis and measurements.

The quickest way to determine where a performance problem lies, and if hardware capacity is well designed.

We also cover Scripted Captures, Alerts and Analysis, and virtual environments.

More details :  Faster Description and Agenda 


Task Automation : Ad-Hoc script writing.

Analysis and Automation of repetitive, routine processes.

Related to Windows, AD, Cluster, Hyper-V, Azure, Office, WMI repairs, inventory, alerts, performance... 

Scripting in PowerShell, also C# coding if needed. 

A great collection of already written code, reusable, which reduces all project costs.


  Active Directory : Health Analysis (ADCHECK)

Live, onsite, face-to face service.

With scripted captures, analysis, live knowledge transfer, Questions and Answers, and a final result report and presentation.


Active Directory - Fundamentals


Course on the basic AD concepts : Topology, Replication, Security, Monitoring, Troubleshooting..

The section on Security can be separate as a different course.


 ADAttack : (in)Security in Active Directory



 Active Directory : Other possible services


XMasterDocXMasterDoc / XCourseBuilder


The tool for automatic generation of contents. Allowing :

1. Building Master Documents including Metadata Tags to indicate their purpose, destination, duration, language...

2. Generate specific documents based on the Masters, filtering on the desired Tag contents.

3. Translate the generated document during the process (with a quality translation, based on a local database and a splitting algorithm)

This approach avoids Document Dispersion (many multiple copies slightly modified with minor differences), adding security and coherence. And adding automation and flexibility to the document creation process.

A generic version (XMasterDoc) and one specific for training documents (XCourseBuilder)


More training (in progress)



Evidently, any other related topic we can agree on.

Amongst them, training, troubleshooting, consulting, task automation, application development...




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