PowerShell Training.
 Agendas and Roadmap


Orientative agendas. All courses are modularly designed and can be customized for any audience, depending on the previous experience and particular needs.

All of them cover from PowerShell v1 to v5.

All training is presential, face-to-face, and includes reference materials, exercises, manuals, demos and solutions.


1. Windows Automation - (Introduction to PowerShell)

An introduction to automation and PowerShell.

Designed for users who do not know PowerShell at all. And for managers who'd like to evaluate the different possibilities.

Duration : 4h, 1 day, 2 days.

Topics :


2. Exhaustive PowerShell

Exhaustive description of key concepts, productive tasks, and Best Practices with PowerShell.

It is the course where all key concepts are described, needed for the other ones.

Many practical labs are performed, always related to real daily tasks.

It is not an trivial course... most of the conceptual base for the product is contained in it. It doesn't have complicate prerequisites, just knowing Windows.

Duration : 4 or 5 days.

Topics :


3. Advanced PowerShell

Getting deeper into more advanced features.

Duration : 4 or 5 days. 

Topics :


4. Expert PowerShell (Deep Dive)

Only for skilled scripters who have been working with PowerShell for a long time.

Duration : 4 or 5 days.

Topics :


PowerShell and Active Directory

AD management techniques from PowerShell.

It requires AD knowledge, and at least "Exhaustive PowerShell" or equivalent knowledge.

Duration : 3 days (or a reduced version in 1 day, together with Exhaustive PowerShell)

Topics :  


Other courses or sessions related to PowerShell

Some titles under progress.

PowerShell and Microsoft Message Analyzer
PowerShell and Performance Management
PowerShell and SQL
PowerShell and Azure
Using PowerShell modules in Windows 2008R2 or better (Storage, Net...)

Training Roadmap : PowerShell

The logical order.


Full training Roadmap

Some titles under progress.



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