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This intensive course is dedicated to performance analysis in the Windows environment.

The existing tools consider a myriad of counters... but most of them are buried inside the list; unknown, undocumented, or even obsolete and providing erroneous information. What's worse, the underlying architecture is not completely understood... so even basic troubleshooting becomes a chaotic search.

However, with the right pieces of information, analyzing most of the performance issues is much easier than it seems. By using a precise selection of well-defined counters, and knowing how to separate the main ones from the secondary ones, you will reach valid conclusions… in a very reliable and quick way.

This course describes: 


Many of the concepts described are generic, and they apply to Windows systems, both clients and servers.

They are also valid for any third party application that runs in the system. 
But additionally, many of these concepts are similar in other operating systems.

The student can extrapolate the knowledge acquired to their own environment and tools. 

The course also describes some concepts related to virtualization. It shows the relevant counters in Hyper-V, quoting the translation for the VMWare environment.  

The course is entirely face-to-face, and as usual, combines theory, concepts, demos, practical exercises taken from real life, doubts and questions.

Taught by Juan Carlos Ruiz. Computer Science Engineer, and highly skilled trainer, with a huge experience in training in the Windows environment. Previously PFE Master Trainer in Microsoft Corporation, has collaborated in the creation of similar workshops, and taught them a number of times, to Premier customers across all EMEA, and other trainers inside Microsoft. 

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of a computer and the Windows Operating System. 

Duration : 2 days and a half (3 full days, morning and evening, except the last day)

Intended for :

It does not require a basic knowledge of Performance Monitor, which will be described in the course with all its options and problems.

Some of the examples will use PowerShell, so a minimum knowledge of this scripting technology is not necessary but highly recommended. If you are interested we can arrange a small introductory session based on the “PowerShell concepts” course.

Benefits :
Agenda :

Some frequent questions ...  -answers in the course-.


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