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Graduate Computer Science Engineer from FIB (Facultat d'Infòrmatica de Barcelona), Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña.    FIB

11 yrs. experience in Digital Equipment Corporation (VMS, Ultrix, Pathworks, Windows NT...)         Digital

13 yrs. experience in  Microsoft  Corporation as a Platforms specialist (Windows, Performance, Active Directory, Cluster, Automation...)

Cloud Automation Architect in myCloudDoor  (www.myCloudDoor.com)


Consultant, Developer, Troubleshooter. DevOps profile.

PowerShell Expert since its beginnings (Monad, around 2005). Formally accredited trainer, and PowerShell Master Trainer for Microsoft EMEA.

Highly skilled trainer, with a broad teaching experience, content creation, and created many related tools.

With a huge code library (scripts and C#) literally comprising thousands of scripts, functions, modules.

I've collaborated in the creation, review and improvement of the official Microsoft courses, and delivered them innumerable times across EMEA, to Premier customers and also to other trainers.

Enthusiast of technology, automation and development, customer training, and the DevOps philosophy.

With a broad experience in the real needs of huge customer installations and their production environments. I've delivered services in the most relevant customers across EMEA, both in English or Spanish.

I like to consider IT as real Engineering, avoiding all amateur approach and cowboy jobs. Understanding the key concepts before the details. Reading the documentation in advance, not when problems arise.

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Training, Support, Consulting, Environment Analysis and Checks, Automating routine tasks.

PowerShell, DSC, JEA, script writing and review, C# and .NET code, Active Directory, Windows, Windows Azure, Security, Performance, Logon Scripts, WMI...


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