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During the last 13 years working for Microsoft Corporation, and as a technology enthusiast, I've been delivering highly qualified -and profitable- services in the most important customers across EMEA, in all activity sectors (Industry, Comms, Finance, Public Sector, Security Organizations...)

Specially around PowerShell, DSC and Active Directory (but also some others).

Around the end of 2014 I am considering a new approach for my professional career, as a Freelance consultant. Based in Barcelona, Spain, but delivering services all along EMEA.

I've decided to offer a similar -but improved- set of services, and making them accessible to any company who might be interested.

High-Quality deliveries, which up to now were restricted, only available for Microsoft Premier customers.

Related to PowerShell, DSC, automation and scripting, Windows Azure, and the DevOps philosophy.

In general, automation projects, and training on PowerShell at all levels.

And also around Windows, Active Directory, its security (or lack of it), Windows performance, and some others. 


Designed and delivered by a real graduate Computer Science Engineer (FIB/UPC, Barcelona), with a broad experience in real production environments.

 Do you need a skilled trainer, providing a good value in each of the sessions, getting the full attention of the students, providing real-life labs, teaching something that will save your company lots of time and money, and able to deliver training quality training in EMEA ?

Courses that get immediately amortized from the first day ?

Consulting, analysis, tool or script writing ?

My goal is to provide automation to every task where you see your team doing manual, routine cut & paste every day...

And I hope the fares will be reasonable to both parts, without the overhead costs of a large organization.


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